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iQ Trade Expert Advisor & Cloud Compute

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What is iQ Trade?

The Most Intelligent Trading Platform on the Market.

iQTrade is the newest platform available to forex beginners and experts alike. Regardless of your experience, iQTrade makes it easy for traders to learn and automate their forex market strategy all while providing security, ease of access, and lightning fast trades with our industry-leading cloud compute.

What is iQ Trade EA?
A.I. Based Trading Software

iQ Trade EA

Fully Back Tested
Low Account Minimum
Free Unlimited Updates
iQ Trade EA is a counter trending EA which analyzes the market, and opens and closes positions based on market's volatility.
The EA constantly analyzes all open positions to then calculate the right exit strategy depending on risk settings. iQ Trade even gives you the ability to switch between risk settings with open trades running.
Featured within our User Interface, we recommended only for experienced traders that are confident in changing the take profit targets.
Which Broker?

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Why iQTrade Cloud?

iQ Trade Cloud

iQ Trade Cloud allows you to deploy our trading platform in just minutes from virtually anywhere and almost any device! Using ultra-fast SSD servers and with locations all over the world we are able to offer up to 1ms trade execution times

Packages for Everyone Beginners Students Experts Everyone

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, IQ Trade has a Package for you.

iQTrade Starter Cloud + EA


Member Price

Intel Xenon CPU 2 vCore
2 GB DDR4 Ram
25GB SSD Disk
1 GBPS Network Dedicated IP
Fast Connection to Brokers Amsterdam, London, NYC
EA Included
Covers 1 MT4 Account
iQTrade Pro Cloud + EA


Member Price

1GBPS Network
Dedicated IP
Fast Connection To Brokers
EA Included
Covers 3 MT4 Accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s what you need to know about being an iQTrade member

What broker does iQTrade EA work on?
iQTrade is a platform where traders can come advance their daily trading routines by automating critical elements of their trading strategy
What does iQTrade EA Operate on?
There are no contracts customers can cancel at any time via our members area
What is the minimum balance to use iQTrade EA?
We offer advanced Expert Advisors & Cloud Compute Power to Execute Lighting Fast Trades
How does it work?
By becoming a member of iQTrade you will have access to the tools required for automating your trading on auto pilot. Once you create an account you will be given instructions on how to connect your trading account

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